On vacation, visiting or residing, browse the guide blog, video tours and news from Cap Ferret to Arcachon.

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The Blog guide visit and News of Cap Ferret Bassin d’Arcachon.

Visits, News and reports on the Cap Ferret peninsula – ecology, environment, yachting, all about Cap Ferret

Jand men who live there, work there and work for the protection and reasonable development of our territory. Cap Ferret on the blog of the four seasons will be an opportunity for you to discover the beauty of the beaches of Cap Ferret but also of the villages of the town of Lege Cap Ferret.

News, Guide and Videos Visits of lege Cap Ferret

was launched in April 2021. I put all my energy into creating a guide with immersive tours filmed and commented for some. I am passionate about the peninsula of Lège-Cap Ferret and sailing on the Bassin d’Arcachon. This is why I want to share with those who come or want to come to the Cap Ferret peninsula. You are welcome for your holidays or your stays And I hope to give a beautiful image of Lège-Cap Ferret and the Arcachon basin with those who live there, both individuals and professionals.

A website reports on the pearls of Cap Ferret,

like the Hamlet of Jane de Boy, The tip of Cap Ferret,thebird island and so many other unusual places. You will discover the dune of Pilat seen from above, discovered from the Banc d’Arguin and animated with paragliders!

To see also the tip of Cap Ferret which ends the domain of 44 hectares!

Wondering What to do in Cap Ferret? 

browse the site, you will have an incredibly dense and diverse choice. For example, the 10 villages of the peninsula visited on foot and by boat. I also invite you to discover the Cap Ferret Lighthouse and its 258 steps with breathtaking immersive visits!

One of the villages not to be missed is certainly the village of grass with La Chapelle de la villa Algèrienne,the oyster farming village and magnificent beaches.

You say What to do in Cap Ferret? 

Your schedule can quickly be loaded by so many walks and boat trips to do during your holidays in Cap Ferret. To visit imperatively the oyster villages of the peninsula of Cap Ferret (From claouey to the village of Cap Ferret through 8 other villages such as Le Canon)

Then relaxation sections

await you with Music Film and People playlists in Cap Ferret.

Of course you can relax and sunbathe on our 7 ocean beaches to discover! Cap Ferret is also 25 kilometers of shoreline on the Atlantic Ocean

Here you will find useful information for your holiday

and on your stay with the main contacts, the latest news of the peninsula on the outings to be made, the concerts often free but with COVID-19 gauges to respect. With the information in time you will be able to book your seats as soon as possible.


with a boat or by renting one for a day, can have tutorials explaining the use of municipal shuttle services between the piers of Grand Piquey, L’herbe, La Vigne and Bélisaire to get to the dead bodies. Tutorials to facilitate operations such as launching boats in the holds of the descents of Cap Ferret or refueling at the port of Arcachon and la VIgne.

To smile

you will also find bloopers, unusualreports, a presentation of the mascot of go cap ferret …

The weather, the tide and the Webcam of Cap Ferret

are not forgotten with a page integrating the high and low tides of Cap Ferret, Arcachon and Arès accompanied by a webcam in real time from Arcachon, the Pier of Canon and the beaches of Truc Vert and Grand Crohot. So you will have all the useful information on the weather conditions for your visit to one of the villages of Cap Ferret

Oyster farming and the Huitriers

Finally, a chapter dedicated to the oyster farmer and the Huitriers, the women and men of the basin who are the DNA of the Peninsula of Cap Ferret. Knowing the oyster farming activity and exchanging with oyster farmers will be a source of pleasure and knowledge during your holidays or stays in Cap Ferret.

The history of oyster farming and the Bassin d’Arcachon is also the history of the bird island and its tchanquées huts, emblematic of the Basin!

A blog, a site and a Web TV 100% Label Brand “Bassin d’Arcachon”